Social Media Management & Design

Blogging – Tweeting – Liking – Circles – Followers
This is the new vocabulary of social media and represents the conversation going on about your company and brand. Social media marketing has something for every business. Social media marketing topics usually revolve around companies, products, services, and events, it serves as a common ground where marketers and consumers can connect and have a discussion.

Social media allows companies to build relationships with current and potential customers on a more personal level by providing their visitors the opportunity to share a variety of content, including: comments, images, even videos


Social Media Management Packages

Packages include: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ Management Below is what is included in each social media package
Basic Set-up
Manage Social Accounts (Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus) 3 days/week 5 days/week Everyday
Content for Info & Bio (About Us by Our Writers)
Create & Publish interesting posts / tweets
Photos & Video Upload (provided by customer)
Facebook Cover Image
Backlinks to your website for products / services, offers
Monthly Reporting
Customer Support
  Monitor & Interact
Monitor social mentions
Respond to fans / followers
Like / Comment on related pages
ReTweet relevant tweets
Custom profile picture
  Community Building
Discussions, Questions, Polls
Manage Twitter Followers
Integrate Facebook Applications
Run Contests
  Google Plus Brand Page
Create Brand Page
Update 'About Us' section
Post Updates on Brand Page
Integration of +1 button on website
Add backlinks to social accounts & website
Monitor & Respond to user comments
  Value Price Bronze Silver
  $499 / per month $699 / per month $899 / per month
Please Note: * Basic Facebook / Twitter setup is included. Contact us for Facebook Ads, Custom Twitter Background or Facebook Welcome Page quotes.

Our expert team of social networkers know the ins and outs of social media and will focus on increasing your brand awareness and generating traffic back to your website. We start by having a conference calls or in-person meetings with your team to understand your overall marketing goals. Not every social network is right for industry, we will take a hard look at your competitors and your target audience to determine the best platform to use and which will provide the best results, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, business blogging, or a combination. Once set up you can take it from their, or you can subscribe to one of our managed services to rapidly grow your social network.